Member benefits

  • Industry relevant research: Members create and direct research projects; Industry Advisory Board allocates budget to preferred projects, aligning research with company/agency priorities.
  • Value of membership: $25K membership fee provides access to precompetitive research currently valued at over $400K.
  • Broad range of resources, facilities, and equipment: Principal investigators have access to the Centers and Laboratories such as the Timken Engineered Surfaces and Lubrication (TESL) laboratories, the National Corrosion Center, the Institute for Biomedical Engineering and Research, the NSF Tire Center, the Goodyear Polymer Center, and the Center for Advanced Vehicles and Energy Systems.
  • Early access to students: Members will interact with highly qualified graduate students and undergraduates who have in-depth knowledge of research areas, methods, applications, and laboratory equipment.
  • Early access to research results: Members have rights to a non-exclusive license for Center developed IP. Members also have the right to review research results before publication.